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Dental Implants
Surgeon: Dr.Farnoosh
Images show ACTUAL PATIENTS. Your results may vary
Case 87
After losing almost all of her upper teeth (see Image 1), this patient wanted to restore both appearance and function. She had already tried using a removable partial denture (see Image 2) but was dissatisfied with this approach and wanted something more permanent. After considering various options, she decided to meet with Dr. Farnoosh, a Los Angeles implant dentist, who suggested inserting dental implants to replace her missing teeth.
In some cases, Dr. Farnoosh will have to perform reconstruction on the upper jaw to ensure that the new dental implants will remain fully secured. Dr. Farnoosh performed total reconstruction of this patient's upper jaw, then secured implant screws (see Image 3) that would hold the implant securely to the jaw bone. After she had healed fully, she returned for a second procedure where Dr. Farnoosh placed permanent dental crowns over the dental implants (see Images 4 and 5).
The patient is very satisfied with the appearance, feel, and function of her teeth. Dental implants are designed to look and function like natural teeth, which is exactly what this patient wanted. In the final photos, her smile looks completely natural, and both she and Dr. Farnoosh are very pleased with the results of her dental implant choices in Los Angeles.
Surgeon: Dr. Alex Farnoosh Patient Gender: FemaleImages show ACTUAL PATIENTS. Your results may vary.
Case 88
Because of proximity of sinus, patient did not have enough bone height to place implants. Bone grafting done along with lifting the sinus membrane(sinus lift/ augmentation) to allow placement of implants Surgeon: Dr. Alex Farnoosh
Images show ACTUAL PATIENTS. Your results may vary.
Case 89
See marking on pre-operative photo with concave area with deficient bone was restored to place dental implants at a later date. 2014.
Case 90
Patient had a missing tooth and had heard about the non-invasive implant placement and immediate placement of a crown by Dr. Farnoosh. After just one visit the patient was able to enjoy the form, feeling and function of a natural tooth. X-Ray Before and After.Surgeon: Dr. Alex Farnoosh
Images show ACTUAL PATIENTS. Your results may vary.
Case 91
Structural tooth problems often accompany deeper problems that need to be corrected by a periodontist or a Los Angeles implant dentist. This patient decided to meet with Dr. Farnoosh to get a thorough evaluation and receive recommendations for how to go about improving the shape of her teeth and the health of her dental structures and tissues overall. We see the patient's final result (implants are identified by arrows). Clearly, this patient displays a much more attractive smile, but also, because she is no longer exposed to the bone deterioration and infection from her cracked tooth, her teeth are much healthier and function much better. Her Beverly Hills dental implants match the rest of her smile perfectly, and she is very pleased with her results.Surgeon: Dr. Alex Farnoosh
Images show ACTUAL PATIENTS. Your results may vary.