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Dental Implants
Surgeon: Dr.Farnoosh
Images show ACTUAL PATIENTS. Your results may vary
Case 97
This patient had lost a tooth and preferred a healthier and more permanent option than a bridge. For many patients, dental implants are an attractive option because, unlike dentures or bridges, the final implant looks and feels like your own teeth. Also, unlike bridges and dentures the dental implant joins to the deeper underlying bone structure of the jaw, helping prevent the kind of bone and tissue deterioration that commonly results from tooth loss. In this patient's examination and consultation, Beverly Hills implant dentist Dr. Farnoosh assessed not only the patient's oral structures, but also tissue health and long term aesthetic goals for the patient's teeth. Based on this patient's goals and physical characteristics Dr. Farnoosh recommended a dental implant procedure. In most cases, patients have sufficient underlying bone structure to support the implant firmly. In some cases, though, either because of your genetic traits or because your tooth loss also prompted your body to reabsorb some of that bony structure, Dr. Farnoosh may have to augment the bone to ensure that your implant stays securely in place. This patient's procedure and recovery progressed smoothly and normally, and afterward you can see excellent results of this Los Angeles dental implant procedure. Dr. Farnoosh placed the implant precisely to allow Beverly Hills prosthodontist Dr. Fereidoun Daftary to sculpt a replacement crown that would rest at the appropriate angle to fit naturally with the patient's upper and lower teeth. The resulting replacement "tooth" looks very natural, and you can see that the surrounding gum tissue has grown to enclose the implant base for a healthy, attractive-looking final result. Surgeon: Dr. Alex Farnoosh Images show ACTUAL PATIENTS. Your results may vary.
Case 98
This patient had lost a front tooth and wanted to have it replaced so that it would look and function just like the surrounding teeth. To begin the process of correcting that gap, the patient met with Los Angeles implant dentist Dr. Farnoosh. After Dr. Farnoosh carefully evaluated the patient's goals, oral health, and dental structures, they agreed that a dental implant would be the best option for the missing tooth. Since the surrounding teeth were so discolored and had an unhealthy appearance, Dr. Farnoosh suggested that veneers be placed on the upper front teeth to match the crown of the implant. Dr. Farnoosh placed the tooth implant and, at a later procedure, the crown to re-create the missing tooth. In the initial procedure he secured a metal screw into the bone where it would function as the "root" of the replacement tooth. After allowing the implant to heal, the patient returned to Dr. Farnoosh to receive the dental crown over the implant and veneers to match it on the upper frontal teeth. This patient was very satisfied with her dental implants in Los Angeles. The results turned out very well, and as the "after" photo shows, her final results look very natural and healthy. Her teeth appear to be very proportional with one another and no longer have the discoloration they had prior to surgery.