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Gummy Smile
Surgeon: Dr.Farnoosh
Images show ACTUAL PATIENTS. Your results may vary
Case 52
Even well-proportioned teeth may look overly large or small if the look of your lips or gums disrupts the balance of your smile as a whole. This patient decided to meet with Los Angeles implant dentist Dr. Alex Farnoosh to find out about ways to minimize the "gummy" look of her smile and help her present a more attractive, balanced appearance.Frequently, patients see that their smile shows too much gum, and they think they need to minimize the size of the gums to display more of the tooth. However, more often the "gummy" smile is an illusion. In most cases the patient has normal-sized teeth and healthy, appropriately-sized gums, but the upper lip simply elevates too far above the gum line when the patient smiles. Dr. Farnoosh can effectively address this problem without requiring surgery to the teeth or the gums at all. Simply by creating a small incision and lowering the bottom edge of the lip, he allows the lip to rest just above the teeth when the patient smiles.This patient was very happy with her results from Dr. Farnoosh's gummy smile treatment. After her procedure her teeth display a normal, attractive shape and her gums are mostly hidden behind her lips. The overall shape of her smile also presents a more natural-looking upward curve.In her follow-up consultation the patient also met with Dr. Farnoosh to plan a gum-leveling procedure and discuss her options for porcelain veneers (not shown). Surgeon: Dr. Alex Farnoosh Patient Gender: Female
Images show ACTUAL PATIENTS. Your results may vary.
Case 53
A more open smile is often more attractive, but in some cases the greater distance between the lips only exposes more of your gums and draws attention away from your teeth and the rest of your face. This patient came in for a consultation with Los Angeles implant dentist and periodontist Dr. Alex Farnoosh because although she had healthy gums and well-positioned teeth, she felt that her smile was less attractive because it exposed so much of her gums.While some dentists and dental surgeons focus on only one area of the smile as the key to correcting every patient's look, Dr. Farnoosh understands that your smile is as unique as you are. An imbalanced look can result from a whole range of factors including poor positioning of the teeth, blotchy gums, and lips that expose too much of the gum tissue when you smile. Dr. Farnoosh structures his examinations and procedure plans to create harmony through the "Total Smile" approach, which aims to balance the appearance of the teeth, gums, and lips.After her procedure, you see that this small adjustment to her gummy smile has dramatically improved her look. The patient's smile still has an open, attractive look and maintains its overall shape in relation to the rest of the face, but now that the upper lip rests at a better position above the gum line, we notice her teeth and lips rather than her gums. As a result her smile appears happier and more relaxed, and more attractive overall. Surgeon: Dr. Alex Farnoosh
Images show ACTUAL PATIENTS. Your results may vary.
Case 54
Image 1 : A patient with a high lip line and a gummy smile. Image 2: The patient's lip was repositioned and brought down slightly to show less gum.Patient Gender: Male
Case 65

Procedures Performed: Gum Bleaching, Gummy Smile

Patient had gummy smile and gum discoloration. Both problems were corrected in one session. Surgeon: Dr. Alex Farnoosh
Images show ACTUAL PATIENTS. Your results may vary.