Gum Bleaching Before & After Pictures of Patient 27
Even if your gums are healthy, if they are discolored or blotchy they may negatively implant the positive impression you create when you smile. This patient scheduled a time to meet with Los Angeles periodontist and aesthetic dentist Dr. Alex Farnoosh because he felt that the uneven pigmentation of his gums gave him a less attractive look and negatively offset the appearance of his teeth.

In many cases, gum discoloration can actually indicate deeper problems such as gingivitis or periodontitis. In his aesthetic dentistry consultations, Dr. Farnoosh takes the time to verify that your gums are healthy and that your gum discoloration is due to factors like ethnicity or medication, rather than more serious problems that may require immediate attention.

Dr. Farnoosh found that this patient’s gums were healthy, although the discoloration did imbalance the look of the patient’s teeth and gums when he smiled. Based on this patient’s healthy gum condition and noted discoloration, Dr. Farnoosh recommended a gum bleaching treatment at his Beverly Hills office.

After his Los Angeles dark gums treatment, this patient is enjoying obvious improvement in the color and tone of his gums. Typical of this procedure, the patient was able to complete the treatment within one office visit and leave with a clearly transformed smile. While some patients experience some gum sensitivity immediately after their procedure, in general they are able to continue normally with that day’s meals. Because this treatment is noninvasive and virtually immediate, it requires no downtime or recovery time.


Surgeon: Dr. Alex Farnoosh
Patient Gender: Male

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