Gum Bleaching Before & After Pictures of Patient 33
Many women and men are bothered by dark patches on their gums that give their smile a less pleasant or even an unhealthy appearance. This patient was self-conscious about the dark blotches on their gums and approached Dr. Farnoosh, a cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles to address these concerns. After carefully assessing this patient’s needs and options, Dr. Farnoosh recommended a gum bleaching treatment to create a healthier look by evening out the pigmentation of the gum tissue.


Before performing any procedure, Dr. Farnoosh customizes his treatment plan based on the patient’s degree of discoloration and pigment saturation. After he determines the extent of bleaching that will give a patient the results they want, he explains the treatment process thoroughly. Gum bleaching is performed using laser energy to selectively target the heavily pigmented cells, stimulating the body to replace them with normally pigmented gum tissue.


This treatment went very well and the procedure was very quick. This patient feels much more confident in the appearance of their smile after the procedure. Many patients tell Dr. Farnoosh that this type of Los Angeles smile makeover makes them feel more attractive and confident in general, and because the procedure is fairly simple, there is practically no downtime and results develop quickly. This patient’s smile looks sharper, healthier, and happier.

Surgeon: Dr. Alex Farnoosh

Images show ACTUAL PATIENTS. Your results may vary.