Gum Bleaching Before & After Pictures of Patient 7
Sometimes, gum discoloration combines with other factors to diminish the attractive look of a healthy smile. This patient decided to meet with Dr. Farnoosh to discuss options for treating dark gums in Los Angeles and find out more about Dr. Farnoosh’s options for correcting the crooked appearance of the teeth.

In this patient’s consultation Dr. Farnoosh found that the patient’s teeth were actually relatively straight; however, their cutting edges were uneven and made the teeth appear warped and uneven. After discussing the most effective treatment options with Dr. Farnoosh, the patient settled on a combination treatment to bleach the gums and to refine the cutting edge of the teeth.

Because gum discoloration varies with each patient, Dr. Farnoosh will adjust the extent and intensity of the treatment to each patient’s needs. Combination treatments generally take longer and may require more than one treatment session. A relatively simple combination treatment like this one can generally be completed within one treatment session.

After this patient’s procedure from Beverly Hills implant dentist Dr. Farnoosh, the patient is pleased to find that the teeth appear more balanced and appealing. The gums present a very even tone and shade, and the straighter cutting edge of the teeth balances their overall shape so that they appear straighter, smoother, and healthier. Both of these were minimally-invasive procedures, but we see dramatic improvement in the appearance of the patient’s teeth and smile.


Surgeon: Dr. Alex Farnoosh

Images show ACTUAL PATIENTS. Your results may vary.