Gummy Smile Before & After Pictures of Patient 25
Some patients assume that just because their smile shows a large amount of gum, they need to find a surgeon to remove the “extra” gum tissue and expose more of the tooth surface. In fact, Dr. Farnoosh finds that that in most circumstances gum reduction is not necessary and actually exposes patients to an extra risk of periodontal disease. Most patients, like this young woman, find that Dr. Farnoosh can correct their “gummy smile” simply and effectively by repositioning the lower line of their lip. In this procedure Dr. Farnoosh will not actually change the length of the patient’s lip. Like this patient, many patients who have a “gummy” smile actually have appropriately sized, full lips; the problem is that when they smile, the lip tissue curls under, elevating the lip too much. Through a small incision behind the bottom edge of the lip, Dr. Farnoosh can adjust how much lip tissue is still showing when you smile. After this type of procedure, your lips should appear the same when your face is at rest; the only difference is that when you smile, your lip retains its position just above the top edge of your teeth. After her procedure by Beverly Hills periodontist Dr. Alex Farnoosh, this patient’s smile is much more attractive. Her gums are now hidden behind the lips, allowing a more balanced smile that harmonizes very well with the rest of her face. Before her procedure, this patient also displayed some uneven gum pigmentation, but Dr. Farnoosh found that a bleaching procedure would not be necessary because the pigmentation was very mild and would be hidden by the patient’s lowered lip.