Gummy Smile Before & After Pictures of Patient 44
Uncomfortable about how obvious her gums looked when she smiled, this patient decided to find out more about how she could improve her smile to emphasize her teeth rather than her gums. After considering her options for a cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles she made an appointment with Dr. Farnoosh.

Dr. Farnoosh performed a thorough evaluation of her mouth and gums, and explained that dental surgery would be unnecessary to correct her “gummy smile.” In most cases, patients who experience this problem generally have a normal amount of gum tissue and normally sized teeth; the problem occurs when their lip line elevates too far and curls under, revealing too much of their upper gum. Dr. Farnoosh explained that a small adjustment to the upper lip could enhance her smile without altering the way her lips look while her mouth is at rest.

During the procedure Dr. Farnoosh used a relatively simple incision at the back of the upper lip to allow it to remain lower and straighter, hiding the patient’s gums when she smiles.
As the “after” photo shows, lowering her lip completely transformed her smile. Now, her lips look fuller and hide her gums much more effectively when she smiles, giving her a more balanced and attractive smile and preventing her from feeling self-conscious about her former gummy smile.

Surgeon: Dr. Alex Farnoosh

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