Gummy Smile Before & After Pictures of Patient 87
A “gummy” smile often causes the teeth to look smaller and gives a thin or tight look even to moderately full lips. This patient planned a time to meet with Beverly Hills implant dentist and periodontist Dr. Alex Farnoosh to find out more about how to achieve more attractive teeth, minimize the look of the gums, and how to fix a gummy smile. When he examined this patient’s teeth Dr. Farnoosh found that the patient had good dental health and appropriately sized and shaped teeth. Certain factors may give some patients excessive gum tissue, but in most cases of a “gummy” smile the problem is not the gum tissue itself or the teeth, but rather the way the lip overexposes the gums when the patient smiles. Based on this patient’s good oral health and appropriately structured teeth and gums, Dr. Farnoosh recommended a lip-lowering treatment at his Beverly Hills office. In this relatively fast, noninvasive procedure Dr. Farnoosh makes a small incision behind the lip, allowing the lip to cover the gums more effectively when the patient smiles. While the lip does not actually get thicker or lower, the procedure does help the lip retain a fuller appearance when smiling and emphasize the teeth rather than the gums.

After the lip-lowering treatment for a gummy smile, this patient is very happy to see obvious improvement in the look of the teeth and lips, and of the smile as a whole. Because the lips are no longer so stretched and elevated, the patient’s lips appear fuller and the whole smile seems more relaxed. The teeth also appear more proportional to both the lips and the patient’s face.


Surgeon: Dr. Alex Farnoosh
Patient Gender: Female

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