What Patients Are Saying?

On this page you’ll hear from real patients of Beverly Hills and Los Angeles periodontist and gum specialist Dr. Alex Farnoosh. You can watch videos and read some of the testimonials we’ve received over the years. To see a full menu of patient videos, click on “Choose a Video” in the top left of the player below.

Finding a doctor that would change my smile was difficult. But Dr. Farnoosh understood. I was referred to him by my friend out there. So I when I was there visiting her from Miami, I made an appointment to stop and see the Doctor. He made me feel comfortable and the staff there were great. They made me feel welcome and gave me a smile all my friends talk about. Go to Dr. Farnoosh for all your dental needs, I will

Justin L. Hollywood, FL

This is Los Angeles and the way you look is very important, I don't care what you say it is very important. One of the things that people judge is your teeth. So sometimes you just need to see a cosmetic dentist. Dr. Farnoosh is very experienced and his office is very convenient to get to. If you are concerned about your teeth as I once was give his office a call.

Honoria P. Los Angeles, CA

I recently had the gum bleaching procedure at Dr. Farnoosh's office. He and the staff were extremely helpful and showed patience with me. The office is nice and clean it was the most comfortable I have ever felt at a dentist office. I would recommend his office to friends and family.

Lia J. Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Farnoosh does incredible work. It's horrible to be embarrassed by a gummy smile or unattractive gums. You need to look no further than here. As a person who used to loathe the dentist, let me tell you that with Dr. Farnoosh, you will start looking forward to going to the dentist. He and his staff are helpful and friendly and meet you at your needs, they do not try to upsell or swindle you into something you don't need. I guarantee you will have even more of a reason to show off your smile after you visit him!

Cassi S. Temecula, CA

I heard about Dr. Farnoosh's gum procedure on The Doctors television show. A year later when I moved to Los Angeles from Orlando I realize that his office was only 20 minutes from where I lived and I had to go to see him. I have had hereditary black gums for my entire life and it wasn't until I saw the episode on the show that I realize that there was even anything that I could do about it. The procedure is very simple but extremely effective. I was in his office for two hours and that included photos evaluation and Conversation. I came in with the problem that I had been living with for 31 years and left out with a brand-new smile that I couldn't be more happy with! Dr. Farnoosh not only changed my smile he was the most kind and caring doctor that I have ever experienced. He even called me from his personal cell phone to make sure that I was healing properly and comfortably. Dr. Farnoosh truly cares about his patients and will go above and beyond to make sure that they are happy, satisfied and healthy. Recommend this procedure to anyone who has any type of gum discoloration if they know longer desire to live with. It has literally made me happy to see my smiling in the mirror every day.

Deedee T. Altamonte Springs, FL

Dr. Farnoosh did an exceptional job on my lip lowering surgery!! The result is amazing it changed my life. I used to feel really self-conscious whenever I wanted to laugh in public. After the surgery I can laugh whenever and wherever I want. All my friends tell me my teeth look great and I don't show excess gum anymore!! I am really happy I have done my research and found Dr. Farnoosh!!! See my before& after photos below!

Vivian Z. San Gabriel, CA

I want to start out by thanking Dr. Farnoosh. I am writing this review to share my testimony with others. For years I have been self-conscious about my gums, they were dark, bruised looking, and I was truly uncomfortable with their appearance. I had expressed my concern with my general Dentist, with whom I've been a patient for 24 years, I asked if there were any options, or any procedures to remedy this. My dentist explained to me that there were none, and that there were different reasons for this: , whether it was trauma from having braces, smoking, and etc... I was discouraged to say the least, it left me hopeless. Desperate, in search of anythingI googled: "dark gums." I found Dr. Farnoosh through an internet search. I did my homework and through careful research found that Dr. Farnoosh was not only a periodontist: but he developed, and perfected, innovative methods to restore discolored gums.My procedure was Jan, 2015 it took an hour and a half. Dr. Farnoosh was extremely efficient, explained all details, and takes tremendous pride in his work. Following the procedure, he called me that evening to check on me and see how I was feeling, if I had any bleeding, or pain. His concern was clearly genuine.I experienced no pain or bleeding, and recovery was smooth, no downtime at all. The results are astonishing. I cannot express my gratitude enough, so grateful, the results speak volumes.Dr. Farnoosh is the very best and highly skilled periodontist around. His background, training and education are Sterling. I really appreciate his professionalism and expertise and warmth. I highly recommend him, I can't say enough great things about him.I also want to add that the staff was knowledgeable, accommodating and professional. I was definitely in good hands.

Mary C. La Verne, CA

Gummy smileI had excessive gum display or gummy smile and Dr Farnoosh treated with lip lowering surgery and crown lengthening.It was overall a great experience. During my consult, Dr. Farnoosh examined my gums to see if I was a candidate for the gummy smile procedure.He explained everything to the very last detail about the procedure and what to expect after. He answered all my questions and made me feel very comfortable. The office has flexible payment options with care credit.The Day of surgery, I was given a relaxer because I always feel nervous and scared at dentists. He numbed my gums and in less than 2 hours I was done. I had dressings on that I needed to keep in for a week for healing process. I was on a soft solid diet for about 2 weeks and I had to take Antibiotics, pain meds and use ice packs. The swelling lasted 5 days and the pain about 1 week. I returned to work a week after surgery.When the dressing was removed, I had a beautiful new smile with no excessive gum display. I was beyond happy and felt confident about smiling and talking to people.It was worth every penny I paid. Def recommend to anyone who has a gummy smile. Don't over think it just do it because it will change your life. I guarantee you!!!

Patty H. Bellflower, CA

I don't usually write reviews but Dr. Farnoosh made a very positive impact in my life that I have to share with others. I had too much of my gums showing when I would smile and it really bothered me for many years. My friends would constantly comment about it. I could never laugh or smile freely. I would hold my hand in front of my mouth to hide it because I was so embarrassed to smile big. Luckily, I found Dr. Farnoosh online. He fixed my gummy smile and did an amazing job. Now I smile with great confidence and it made a big difference in my social life. I had swelling for 2-3 days with no pain whatsoever. The staff were also great. He has golden hands and is very compassionate. If only I can give him more that 5 stars! Thanks so much Dr. Farnoosh!

Lorenzo B. Los Angeles, CA

I went in for the gum treatment. I had brown pigmented gums I wanted them pink. I made an appointment, came in, and had the procedure. The procedure took a couple of hours and was rather painless. All went well. After a few days I was able to remove the dressing on my gums and see the beautiful new look I had. Money well spent

Kris W. La Cañada Flintridge, CA

A photographer in high school told me to smile less, and from then on even though I love my smile, the extent to which my gums showed bothered me. Dr. Farnoosh and his team are wonderful. I am so pleased with the results and professionalism of the team. Whenever I had a question during recovery I received a fast response. For me, this was a perfect solution to achieve what I wanted and much less invasive than jaw surgery. The first three weeks of recovery were tough for me, I had never had surgery before and it was harder to work during this period than expected- I was very swollen, numb, couldn't do business dinners for a few weeks, had random stitches dangling down...all short term and worth it for the fabulous results. Dr. Farnoosh is an artist and I highly recommend him.

Tiffany R. Avon Lake, OH

I never noticed I had a gummy smile until I was in 8th grade when some kid pointed it out and ever since then I had always been self conscious. I'm currently 19 years old. After that incident, I did a lot of research to look for doctors that could possibly help me with this problem. I came across Dr. Farnoosh and was really impressed with the procedure. Other doctors wanted to cut my jaw and lift it up, which was a 6 month recovery with my mouth wired shut. I live in San Diego, so it's a pretty far drive. I finally convinced my parents to go up there for the consultation. We stayed the night at a hotel the day before the appointment. The morning of my appointment I arrived to the office and everyone was very nice as soon as I walked in! They took me back, evaluated my smile, and told me exactly what was going on. I had a very hyperactive/hypermobile lip. Dr. Farnoosh only guaranteed that 50% of my lip would be lowered with the procedure. Which kind of bummed me out because I wanted my gums to not show AT ALL.(the results were not what I expected!! they were even better than what Dr. Farnoosh guaranteed) He was very kind and understanding. Anyone that has a gummy smile knows that it can affect their self esteem, so he was really careful on what he said and I thank him for that. It was a very sensitive subject for me. I was so tired of always covering my smile with my hand or having to train myself how to smile without showing a lot of gum. He even gave me the option of having the procedure done the same day of my appointment because of how far I lived. My parents and I went to breakfast to think about it. They knew I've been struggling with this for a while and how bad it affected me. After a while of thinking about it, we called the office back and went through with the procedure. I was really nervous for the procedure (lip lowering and crown lengthening) but Dr. Farnoosh made it much easier. The procedure was painless... Until after a few hours of course, but nothing that Tylenol can't fix. The pain was NOT bad at all after the procedure. Everyone's different, of course! I ended up swelling up like a chipmunk. After a few weeks of recovering I can honestly say I am so happy with the results. My case was very severe, but Dr. Farnoosh is the reason why I am able to smile today without constantly covering my smile with my hand. I would definitely recommend Dr. Farnoosh for anyone suffering with a gummy smile.

Kasandra P.

I can't even begin to explain how amazed I am at my new smile. I've dealt with uneven, black gums all my life. As an actress, it's been an absolute nightmare. One casting director even went as far as to tell me that they couldn't book a smoker for a certain commercial. I've never smoked a day in my life, but my dark gums give off that vibe. Also, I've always been insecure about my smile. I would put extra emphasis on my large breasts and big, curly hair to compensate for my unattractive smile. I always smiled with my mouth closed. Now, I smile EVERYWHERE I GO, showing off my pretty teeth. And you won't believe it... but my booking rate for auditions went up 500%! I literally am getting 5 times the amount of auditions and callbacks as before! The procedure was super easy. I thought it was going to hurt, but it didn't. Dr. Farnoosh was very kind and I truly appreciated his honesty. I had consultations with many dentists before about getting my gums re-colored and re-shaped, but they all never asked me about what I want or why I need it. They sounded like sales people, and it discouraged me. Dr. Farnoosh sat with me and really heard me out. He made it all about ME, and that's why I ended up going with him. Also, given the fact that people around the world fly California for his expertise, I was shocked that it didn't cost me an arm and a leg. I'm very satisfied. I visited my family back in Louisiana last month and they all want a smile like mine. Who knows, after I book my next big gig, I might get them all out here for new smiles 🙂 Thanks Dr. Farnoosh! I truly appreciate it! Definitely changed my life! Check out my results in the photo section!

Ashli A.

I was recommended to Dr. Farnoosh by a friend and I'm so glad she told me about him. I was nervous and stressed out about finding a trusted professional and Dr. Farnoosh was great. I was nervous at my first appointment and he was very patient and calmed me down explaining in detail all procedures. He is a great cosmetic dentist. I've been concern of my smile for years and now I can totally laugh with confidence!! Also they provided me different financing options to make this happen!

Paula M.

I would like to thank Dr. Farnoosh and his team for all of the wonderful work they did for me. I have never been happier. I have been dealing with gum over exposure all my life and just recently found out that it could be corrected. I made an appointment with Dr.Farnoosh's office then went over they would correct the issue and informed me what type of insurance coverage I needed. The experience was informative and easy. Recovery time was fairly fast. I didn't miss too much time from work. They were available for any questions that I had and I appreciate them for that. I highly recommend Dr. Farnoosh, I have never been happier with my smile. =)

Edna G. North Hollywood, CA

I want to thank Dr. Farnoosh for giving me the confidence to smile again. i did my due diligence when it came to finding the right cosmetic dentist. I visited numerous locations before i reached my final decision. i knew it when i met Dr. Farnoosh that i was in the right hands. He went over the procedure in details, the recovery time, and the financial breakdown for the procedure. the end result is that i feel and look amazing. nothing beats this feeling. thank you dr. farnoosh and team for all of your work!! you come highly recommended :). i will refer you to all my friends and loved ones. Appreciate all you have done for me!

Jocelyn P. Los Angeles, CA

It took me THREE years to finally get enough courage to get this procedure done. After years of research, I knew I had to go to the inventor of the "Gum Bleaching" technique, after seeing and reading horror stories about Dentist who have claimed they were trained in this procedure and wasn't! I knew this was right way to go for my mouth and peace of mind. This was by far one of the best dental experiences that I've ever had! I had naturally dark gum and small teeth, braces in high school, so my smile had been nice for some time, but my gums always made my smile not be best I know it could be. Fast forward to my seeing Dr. Farnoosh! He is very knowledgeable in the area of Dentistry and his staff was very professional, personable and accommodating, they made me feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the entire process. My smile is now AMAZING!!! Serveral people have inquired about my teeth and are noticing that they can have "The Total Smile "! Thank you Dr. Farnoosh!!

Marnesha G. Birmingham, AL

I admit that I was nervous going to a cosmetic dentists but my cousin recommended that I go in for a consultation. As an aspiring actress my teeth need to look perfect so I went in for a consultation for teeth whitening. The staff was very friendly and didn't pressure me, in fact that even complemented my teeth in their present state. It was a short wait after I booked the appointment (thank you for the reminder call). I went ahead with the procedure and my teeth look amazing. Dr. Farnoosh was nice and knowledgable. Price wise, it was comparable to other periodontists in the area. Definitely recommend.

Annie G. Los Angeles, CA

I've had dark gums ever since I can remember and wasn't self conscious. But as I began to get older, I realized they were aging me by making my mouth look old and maybe unhealthy. I started to do research on brightening my smile. I found Dr. Farnoosh through an Internet search and was impressed with what I read, but I had to wait a couple of years for an opportunity to visit LA (I live in Miami) when I would also have time to get the procedure. All of my interactions with the staff and Dr. Farnoosh were positive. In fact, I was even more impressed with how personally accessible he was and how much time he spent doing my phone consult after I sent photos. Most doctors of his stature are like celebrities and hard to reach and act rushed. This gave me a lot of comfort. I also liked the fact that Dr. Farnoosh is the pioneer of this procedure. It's a shame more dentists don't train with him to offer this service other places, but I feel fortunate I was able to travel to LA to see him, which many people do. At any rate, it gave me great comfort to know he has performed this procedure on so many people. The day of the procedure everything went smoothly. Dr. Farnoosh was first concerned with the health of my teeth, bone, and gums. He made it clear before and the day of that if my gums weren't healthy enough he wouldn't perform the procedure. Fortunately they were fine. The visit was as pleasant as a trip to the dentist can be. He has an excellent bedside (perhaps I should say chairside) manner and along with his assistant made sure I was comfortable. They were very sensitive to my needs in that aspect. Dr. Farnoosh called first thing the next morning (my procedure was in the evening) and saw me on day 3 for a follow up. He was extremely attentive and focused on my specific case. The actual procedure lasted probably about 90mins for full upper and most of lower and I wore the gummy cast for about 2 1/2 days. I was supposed to wear it overnight the last day and remove in the morning but it was the victim of a late night burrito attack since I was pretty hungry after not eating much for two days. I am not posting photos in the original review yet because I'm still healing and applying Orajel. But they look beautiful and already, like they were always pink. It makes a massive difference and now I also feel like I don't need teeth whitening, which I was considering. I had no idea how much brighter pink gums make your teeth look. Whenever you do an elective procedure, especially one with permanent results, you have some doubt. I have no regrets at all and frankly wish I had done this years ago. This has been a very positive experience and I would encourage anyone on the fence to just do it.

Beelump L. Miami, FL

His name is Dr. Farnoosh, but honestly, he should go by Dr. Miracle. He did more than bleach my gums, he gave me the courage to smile from my heart. Before Dr. Farnoosh I had dark gums that looked like I had smoked for 20 yrs or had some type of gum disease, when I hadn't. My desire to bleach my gums were cosmetic, but being able to smile without hesitation provides me more than a cosmetic feeling. I feel confident knowing that I'm presenting my best self and that my smile reflects the beauty and joy that I feel inside. The procedure was quick and painless. Lasted no more than an hour for top and bottom. And the results are breathtaking. My gums went from dark brown/black to bright pink in the time it takes to blow dry my hair. The price was more than reasonable and the staff was kind and welcoming. I am so glad that I found Dr. Farnoosh and choose him to perform my procedure. My healing time was only one week and when the bandages came off I could not stop smiling and singing and taking selfies. I was so pleased with the NEW smile and new Confidence. I have to take it easy on the super spicy food as my gums are still healing, but I've had no complications or issues. Just glowing compliments from near and far, every day on how beautiful my smile is. Thank you Dr. Miracle! My only regret is not seeking you out sooner

Reese E. Washington, DC

I knew I wanted my gums bleach but did not think I could afford it so I searched for a cheap price but after futher thought, I think not this is my grill and you only get one I won't take that chance so I remember seeing Dr.farnoosh on the news and looked him up,when I called in I told his receptionist who is very nice by the way, about my concern of the money she told me no worries that Dr. Farnoosh Is very reasonable and will work with me, so I booked my consultation which is free some Dr.s charge. Once I met him I felt at ease he gave me a discount which allowed me to also have him fix my gummy smile for the price of one! I was so excited Dr. Farnoosh let me know I was in good hands he is the who came up with the gum bleaching technique everyone else is copy cats, I wanted the best Dr. and I got the best. It took a couple of weeks for my gums to heal and now even when Im mad I smile its so pretty to look at it cheers me up, Im even pulling more clients in my profession because I smile and laugh more than I ever have, Thank you Dr. Farnoosh. Its a joke now but I call Dr.Farnoosh the Godfather of gum bleaching so if your having a hard time picking the right Dr. to touch your precious mouth look no futher go see the God Father! I mean Dr.Farnoosh

Ms.Brown N. Santa Monica, CA

Most people are scared of the dentist. I am not. I have great teeth. But I have been to some that, shall we say, took their Dental Training from Steve Martin in Little Shop of Horrors. Not so here! Professional, timely and above all PAINLESS! Loved it. One of the best experiences I've had in a Dentists chair, and I will be back for my yearly cleaning for sure!

Simon V. Beverly Hills, CA

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! (See Pics) I hated my gums my whole life and before I moved to California I researched and found out about him. From my consult to my actual procedure he blew me away. His staff is outstanding. The procedure itself was easy. I had my gums bleached, reshaped, and my front teeth reshaped. I had to wear a cast on my gums for about a week. There was discomfort for maybe 3 days that faded quickly but I was still able to talk normally. When I returned for my follow up and saw the result of my gums I cried like a baby! His work is FLAWLESS. I would give him 10 stars if I could. I get compliments from people noticing something is different and now when I smile I don't have to be self conscious about my gums. I have not been paid to write this review! If I can help someone who is considering getting work done by him, let this be your green light! . He explained everything down to the tiniest detail and his ,anner puts you at ease immediately. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about his work and it showed in the results. I am beyond happy with my new smile and would do it again in a heartbeat!

Ivi B. Los Angeles, CA

I am not big on writing Reviews but I know this will help someone who is on the fence. Let me begin by saying if you have dark gums and want to DRASTICALLY improve your smile Go to Dr. Farnoosh and NO ONE ELSE! I had this procedure initially performed by a Dr. in Houston using laser in May 2014 and I was so unhappy with results, see pic #2. Note that Pic #1 was my untreated gum. My time with Dr. Farnoosh was the winner See Pic #3. My experience: Once numb, the procedure was painless. I had my gums de-pigmented, and my front teeth reshaped. After the procedure, I only needed two Tylenols and I was able to drive home. I had to wear a light cast on my gums for three days, after that I used Orajel gel on my gums for another 4 days. His Staff was very friendly and attentive to my needs before, during and after the procedure. They also made a care instructions sheet for you to use after treatment. The other Doctor didn't even call me to see how I was doing and was in a hurry to leave. Dr Farnoosh personally called me and that was remarkable. What I really like about Dr. Farnoosh is that he takes is time in going through each step of the procedure with you and he will not compromise on your dental health and that helped ease the anxiety of the procedure. He is passionate about his work. I am 10 days post treatment (the red area is changing to a pink color) and I am so happy I smile all the time. This has been a real blessing. I should have done this years ago!!

B F. Huntington Beach, CA

Dr. Farnoosh did an exceptional job on my lip lowering surgery!! The result is amazing it changed my life. I used to feel really self-conscious whenever I wanted to laugh in public. After the surgery I can laugh whenever and wherever I want. All my friends tell me my teeth look great and I don't show excess gum anymore!! I am really happy I have done my research and found Dr. Farnoosh!!! See my before& after photos below!

San Gabriel, CA

I had the gummy smile procedure done with Dr. Farnoosh and I am so happy with the results! He seriously has a talent in this procedure, I don't know how he does it. He took my unique case and completely fixed the asymmetry in my smile and the excessive display of gum tissue. It took about 3 weeks to be able to talk normally after the procedure due to lip tightness, and the new lip placement takes a little getting used to, but it all becomes normal in time and you'll be so happy with the results. I really want to thank Dr. Farnoosh for working with me through everything, including finances. He schedules plenty of post-op appointments to monitor your progress. He personally calls to check in and shares his excitement about the results. I have so much more confidence in my smile and I would recommend this procedure to anyone that wants to rid themselves of that excess gum. Oh and also super cool, my upper lip looks much fuller now when I smile. This was just from the procedure, I received no lip injections during or after. The lip fullness is a result of the way Dr. Farnoosh lowered my lip.

Marie C. Laguna Niguel, CA

I traveled from Idaho to have cosmetic gum surgery done by Dr. Farnoosh. I had my surgery on Friday and went home on Saturday the following day. I felt only minor discomfort following surgery and experienced no complications. I am extremely pleased with the result.

Kelly B.

Before I went to see Dr. Farnoosh, I was always embarrassed of my smile. Although I always loved to laugh and have a bright personality, I was very timid about my gummy smile and would always cover my mouth. From our very first meeting, I felt welcomed by Dr. Farnoosh and his staff. He made sure I explored all options, even outside of his practice before I made any decisions. He was very supportive and not pushy – he understood that this was a personal decision for me. And after only a 1-2 hour procedure and less than a week of recovering, I was back to normal again but now, with a beautiful smile! I am so much more comfortable and confident and it's amazing how my life has started to change. I am so thankful I found Dr. Farnoosh. I had a wonderful experience.

Sylvia S. – Los Angeles

I am from Dubai (UAE) and I have been hiding my smile for years by holding my hand in front of my mouth because of my "Gummy Smile". I have been searching for an easy solution till I saw Dr. Farnoosh's video on Internet. I flew from Dubai to Los Angeles and had the treatment done by Dr. Farnoosh and left Los Angeles 3 days later. I had no discomfort, no complication and extremely pleased with the outcome of treatment. Dr. Farnoosh & staff were great! Now, I am a totally different person and I smile all the time with confidence. 18 hrs flight was definitely worth it!

Foad S. – Dubai (UAE)

Dr. Farnoosh's lip lowering procedure was quick and easy and his staff made me feel right at home in the office! My recovery time sped by in just a few days, and during that time I had practically no discomfort. This procedure has made a huge impact in my self-confidence, I feel like I no longer have to hold back my smile and can now let me true self shine through. Thank you Dr. Farnoosh!

Cassie R.

I am writing to thank Dr. Farnoosh and his wonderful staff for the gummy smile correction and gum contouring procedure I received at his office. I am currently living in Baltimore , MD when I decided I wanted to have something done about my gummy smile. I have never been happy and always been ashamed of my smile. I always wanted to be like "everyone else" who had normal smiles. I went to several dentists and orthodontists in the area to find an option. The only option I was told was to go through orthognatic surgery, which required over a year of braces (again for me) and major surgery through breaking my jaw to correct my issue. I was very upset at the lack of options and the thought of going through such a dramatic surgery was frightening. I went to the internet and began my search. There, I stumbled upon Dr. Farnoosh's website and videos explaining the lip lowering surgery. I immediately called and spoke to Lorie who was more than helpful in getting answers for me. She allowed me to send her emails and speak to the doctor personally about my condition. I told her I would travel to California and set up an appointment for a consultation. They completely accommodated me and worked with my schedule, especially since I have traveled from Baltimore to see Dr. Farnoosh. The lip lowering and gum contouring procedure I had done was painless because Dr. Farnoosh and his assistant did such a great job at making sure I was numb for the surgery. I did not have any complications and everything went very smooth. The difference between before and after with my smile is like night and day and I am very thankful for Dr. Farnoosh and his wonderful staff helping me. My smile was destroying my confidence and thanks to this procedure I am much more happy and accepting of my smile. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Farnoosh and his staff for anyone looking to reduce their gummy smile and is not willing to go through expensive and dramatic surgery to get it.

Sarah A. – Baltimore, MD.

I am so glad that there is someone of your skill helping people, it not only changes my life but also everything around me in a small way, as I feel more contented. My parents are just so happy for me. I will be sending people your way.

Clara – Ireland