Gummy Smile in Beverly Hills

Where Can I Treat Gummy Smile in Beverly Hills?

Gummy smile, the condition where the gums appear overexposed during a smile, sometimes due to small teeth, overgrown gums or overreaching upper lips, is a major problem for many people today. It directly destroys people’s confidence and makes them feel unattractive.

Thankfully, the condition can be fixed with a number of medical procedures. Many methods are being used today to fix gummy smile in Beverly Hills, but these below are the gummy smile treatments recommended by the top experts.

Laser Treatment

With laser treatment, a topical anesthetic is applied on the gums by a gum specialist and then a diode laser is used to chip away at the overgrown gum tissue to reveal more tooth tissue. The periodontist then shapes the new gum edges for a proper look. This method is popular because of its painless nature, its safety level and the ease of it all.

Crown lengthening surgery

Crown lengthening surgery is similar to laser treatment, except that it doesn’t use laser technology. It is prescribed for patients whose teeth are underground and covered by gum tissue. The surgery involves the removal of gum tissue to reveal more of the tooth crown, followed by reshaping of the gum to get a final, normal look.

Gummy Smile in Beverly Hills

Cosmetic restorations

In cases where teeth appear quite short hence a gummy smile, cosmetic restorations such as veneers and crowns are popular solutions. They are fitted along the surface of teeth and come with the added advantage of a brighter, whiter smile.

Braces (also known as Invisalign)

Braces and Invisalign are already popular options for many other dental issues, but they are also recommended for gummy smiles, especially when poor positioning of the teeth is the root cause. Both techniques are used to align the teeth and the gum better, which directly reduces the amount of gum tissue that shows during a smile.

Lip tightening surgery

Sometimes, gummy smiles are caused by a loose lips, also known as an overactive lip. A loose lip goes way up when an individual smiles, thus revealing more gum tissue than necessary and rendering the teeth smaller in relative appearance.

Correction for this lip is known as lip tightening or lip repositioning surgery. It involves severing the muscles of the upper lip to limit their expansion abilities, such that it doesn’t go way up when one smiles. Because of its invasive nature, it is not the most popular method, but a last resort option.

Not so recommended


Botox is done by injecting the compound onabotulinumtoxina into the upper lip to minimize how wide it can go when an individual smiles. The procedure limits how much gum tissue can be seen, but only works for 3 to 4 months.

How to treat gummy smile Beverly Hills

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